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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Don't be shy to email us if your question isn't answerd.

Q: What is a Highlight Film?

A: 5-10 minute cinematic beautifully color-graded Film featuring your day! This is the type of wedding film you’ve probably seen circulating Facebook and YouTube. Just like the title says, it will include the biggest highlights and emotions of your day. 

what is a highlight film
what is a sneak pee

Q: What is a Teaser Film?

A: Within a week of your wedding, we'll put together some of the most beautiful shots of your day in a 1-3 minute video set to music. We think it's a nice thing to hold you over till the full Highlight Film is complete. Here's an example of one of our favorite Teaser Films:

This video has been deleted.

Teaser Films are a bonus item and therefore are created based on how packed our current editing queue is. That being said, we love love LOVE the excitement our couples express when we make one, so we try our best to accommodate when we can. If this is a must have for you, just ask! 

pay for 2nd shooter

Q: How many shooters are included in your video packages?

A: Two. We've truly noticed an upgrade in our films since including a minimum of 2 shooters. Some bonuses include:

-We can get reaction shots! We love spying your mom's face as you walk down the aisle, or your family and friends laughing at speeches. 

-We can film both of you getting ready. With only 1 videographer, we have to prioritize one of you to film while getting ready. We think it's so special to see both of your hanging out with your closest people, putting on those special items picked just for your day.

-Your day runs silky smooth. With 2 of us, nothing will go missed. We're bound to get footage of absolutely everything.

-The Films are longer on average. As we just stated, we'll have footage of everything. This is the best option all around because it will give us the most amount of footage to pick from when editing your Highlight Film. 

Q: How many photographers and videographers are included in The Bundle?

A:  2 - one photographer and one videographer. Depending on the size and needs of your wedding, additional shooters may be added. Typically we suggest 1 photographer and 1 videographer per 100 people. Other determining factors could be: having multiple locations (getting ready, ceremony, reception, photo space), tight timelines, extended hours, etc. Because every wedding is unique, we'll discuss your wedding's particular needs before you book. 

Q: Can you use a popular song in my Highlight Film?

A: Unfortunately, no. To keep everything legal and above board, we have to purchase licenses for every single song we use. Popular song licenses can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Not to worry - we subscribe to multiple copyright free platforms that allow us to find that perfect song for your Film. We will gauge your taste in music closer to the big day to help guide us in the search. 

Q: What will my "full ceremony footage" look like when finished?

A: We make the video flow and transition nicely using the songs you picked for your ceremony. Please note: It is not a cinematic version, like the highlight video will be. You can share with family and friends who didn’t make it, save it to watch years down the road, or at each anniversary.

Q: What will be included in our "reception footage"?

A: We include full footage of everyone’s speeches, your full first dances, and other special moments upon request. We get a timeline from you prior to the wedding day, so we know which moments to expect to film during your reception. Please note: It is not a cinematic version, like the highlight video will be. 

Q: What are your payment plans?

A:  Video only packages: 50% deposit with signed contract and the remaining 50% due on/before wedding date.

Bundle photo + video: 25% deposit with signed contract. 3 more payment dates spaced out between now and your wedding of 25% each. Please inquire if you need a custom payment plan.

Q: How long are your Highlight Films?

A:  Our official stance is 5-10 minutes, but on average our films are typically 7-12 minutes. Every wedding is a case-by-case scenario. If you desire a certain length, let us know - we will accommodate.

Q: Do you offer photography?

A:  Yes! This is a HUGE addition to Willow Film that we're stoked for. Check out our packages and pricing page for the bundle: 

Q: How do you share the videos with us?

A:  We use a professional video sharing platform called Vimeo and a photo sharing platform called Pixiset. We share the link to your videos and gallery as soon as they are uploaded. The links can be shared with you family and friends and can be downloaded instantly and as many times as you want. We also send you a custom USB (video packages) or a custom keepsake glass box with USB (photo + video package) in the mail after your products are delivered digitally and we know you’re happy with the outcome.

Q: Will you work holiday weekends?

A:  If we're available, sure! We consider the following "holiday weekends": Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. As these weekends are extremely popular weekends to get married, price is subject to include added 'holiday charge'. $300 for Easter, Fourth of July , Memorial, and Labor Day weekends, $500 for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years weekends.

Q: Are taxes included?

A:  In wedding packages, yes. In photography sessions, no. 

We pay the taxes on weddings because we understand what a major investment this is for you. We don't want something silly, like taxes, to stop you from booking with us. 

For our photography sessions, a 5.5% tax is added to your invoice.


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