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Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Don't be shy to email us if your question isn't answerd.

Q: What is a Highlight Film?

A: 5-10 minute cinematic beautifully color-graded Film featuring your day! This is the type of wedding film you’ve probably seen circulating Facebook and YouTube. Just like the title says, it will include the biggest highlights and emotions of your day. Here's an example of one of our favorite Highlight Films:

what is a highlight film
sam + derrick

sam + derrick

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what is a sneak pee

Q: What is a Teaser Film?

A: Within a week of your wedding, we'll put together some of the most beautiful shots of your day in a 1-3 minute video set to music. We think it's a nice thing to hold you over till the full Highlight Film is complete. Here's an example of one of our favorite Teaser Films: