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let's get together.

We are so excited at the possibility of you joining our team! This could be a partnership made in heaven.
I (Gretchen) will reply within 24 hours Monday - Friday. 

We are building a team

Willow Film is receiving inquiries at a rate that 2 people simply cannot keep up with. We would love to book 50 weddings a year, but without cloning ourselves, it's impossible. Enter: you. A photographer or videographer yourself, you recognize the need to fill your calendar and earn an extra paycheck while most likely building up your own business. 


So what's the catch?

I know you're thinking it, but truly there is none. Simply an opportunity for us to work together for each other's benefit. If we mutually decide our partnership is great for all parties involved, we'll add you to the team! You can say 'yes' or 'no' to any wedding opportunity we present you with. You can fill your calendar as full or empty as you desire. Some benefits we provide to you is mentorship, education, content days, headshots, etc.
We'll support you while you build your own business and keep you on the team as long as you desire.


Go ahead and fill out the form below, even if you're simply curious for more information. We'll be in touch and talk about the possiblities that await you joining our team!

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