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"the total package"

"the platinum weekend package"

This package isn't for your average bride and groom; if you plan for your wedding to be the event of the year, a party no guest will ever forget, you're going to want to document it just as well. 


Engagement Session Film
Rehearsal Dinner + Toasts
Bride + Groom intimate interviews
Full Ceremony Footage
Full Speech Footage

Special Reception Moments
Teaser Film (bonus item)
Highlight Film

+Second Shooter

The package name says it all: it covers EVERYTHING on your wedding day. It’s for the bride and groom who want to be able to relax and enjoy their day. You’ll get all the big moments - walking down the aisle to your first dance - ​​to share over and over. But the big sell of this package: ​The Highlight Film! This is the video you’ll watch 10x a day for months (​trust us), and then again every time you want to re-live that amazing day. 


Teaser Film (bonus item)
Highlight Film
Full Ceremony Footage
Full Speech Footage
Special Reception Moments

(inquire about second shooter -                      )

starting at $3000, please inquire for pricing guide

wedding photo prices

photography + videography bundle

We are proudly offering photography and videography as a packaged deal. With the expansion of the Willow Film team, our film and photo dream team is complete and ready to roll.

This bundle package is targeted to couples who want their photos + videos to match. Couples who want to hire one company, who want to minimize their 'to-do' list. We have been vendors for dozens of weddings, and have the know-how and experience to guide you through this planning process. With timeline assistance planning, and film + photo capturing engagement through marriage, we believe we stand out from the rest.

"the bundle"

starting at $5800, please inquire for pricing guide


Engagement Session
Teaser Film (bonus item)

Highlight Film
Full Ceremony Footage
Full Speech Footage
Special Reception Moments
Engagement Session

Timeline Planning Assistance
8 hours coverage beginning
Full Gallery, no photo limit
Print rights

*price quotes expire after 2 weeks, updated quotes are subject to change

bucket list

faroe islands
new orleans, la



pnw coast


charleston, sc




south korea

bucket list



Sure, home base is Wisconsin, but we love to travel! If you're eloping on a mountain or having a sandy beach wedding - we'll pack our bags. And the best part - we'll give you a discount if you add a stamp to our passports.





you could say we're perfectionists

By far, the best part of the whole process is piecing together your Highlight Film. It's like a 5000 piece puzzle

and we don't get to see the cover of the box. We listen to speeches and vows over and over, highlighting all the bits that make me laugh out loud, give us goosebumps, or straight up cry like

we're watching The Notebook.

 We scrub through hours and hours of footage to find the perfect moments that captured the emotion authentically. Libraries upon libraries of music are sorted through to find

songs that match you two to a T. *chefs kiss* The feeling of completing your film is just like the satisfying fulfillment of finishing that mystery puzzle.  

By the time we're delivering the Film to you,

we feel like we're a part of your relationship.

We put our entire heart in your film, that much we can promise.

Even after dozens of films complete, narrating 

love stories never gets old. 


will we be a good fit?

Budget is important - we get it. But what rivals that is style.

While you're shopping around, pay great attention to videographer's and photographer's editing styles. When given the same pile of footage as another editor, we would each create a completely different film. When handed a batch of photos, we would pull colors, shadows, and highlights in a different direction. And that's okay!

Make sure you're in love with the style before making any big decisions.

good fit?


Let's do this!


narrators of

your love story 

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