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These highlight films below are some of our favorites. The story telling, the views, the sunsets, the vows... not to mention all the PDA has us swooning.  Go ahead and binge watch & if you weren't sure before, you'll realize now that Videography for your big day is a MUST.

Note: Highlight Films are only available with The Total Package, Platinum Weekend Package, or The Bundle Package

Our take on Highlight Films

The fact that you're researching Videography for your big day has us willing to bet you've seen dozens of Highlight Films circulating Facebook and YouTube.  But in case you're still unsure of what exactly it is, let's clear it up: our videos are  5-10 minute cinematic “Films” featuring your day! Just like the title says, it will include the biggest highlights and emotions of your day.

Like you did while researching for your photographers, you have to find that Videographer who speaks to you and your fiancé. You have to find the one with similar style to you who's films hit you in the feels... We hope we can be that match.
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How do we stand out from the rest?

Obviously, we're biased. But we like how we do business the best. Let us convince you...

You get full coverage

Many companies only deliver a Highlight Film. We prefer to add in a couple more videos...

In packages that include a Highlight Film, you also get full ceremony and full reception coverage. We capture all this in full so we can later use speech or vow audio to spice up your Highlight Film. But instead of tossing those full coverage items on the cutting room floor, we deliver them to you. We know you may not think you need the full ceremony and full speech coverage, but in 20 years when your memory has faded, you'll be glad we gave you a full day of coverage.

We don't charge for length of your Highlight Film

This is another tactic other videographers use, but it just doesn't suit us. Every wedding is unique and we don't want to make a 15 minute film for the sake of having a long film... Similarly, we won't push out a 4 minute film because we don't think you paid enough for a longer one... We think you, brides and grooms, would much rather prefer a video jam packed with emotion and music timed perfectly to your shots.

But what if I want a longer video? Hey that's fine, we know it's a big investment and you want your money's worth. Let's chat about it and see where we can add some length. Maybe that means the addition of an engagement session. Maybe it means you and your fiancé reading letters to each other. We're happy to work with you to get your desired film.

Story Telling

Our favorite part of creating your film is piecing together the puzzle of your story during editing sessions by using speeches, toasts, letters to each other, vows. To see our favorite examples of this, scroll up and view the films. Those weddings were perfect illustrations of speeches that when puzzled together just right, can shape the story of the couple. We believe our version of story telling sets us apart from other Videographers.


Let's do this!


narrators of

your love story 

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